It indeed takes a lot of time and effort to select a good pair of running shoes for plantar fasciitis. There are too many choices and too many influential factors to make decision quickly, especially for women who are always have high demand. Looking at the list of top women running shoes for plantar fasciitis from New Balance– the best sport footwear maker might not give you the best answer but definitely help to save time.


WW759 Country Walking Shoe

As its name implies, WW759 is a perfect shoes for walking, especially hiking. The most important feature of shoes for plantar fasciitis is obviously comfort and this WW759 really doesn’t lack in comfort level.

Like other shoes from New Balance, WW750 has many advanced technologies such as RevLite foam and ABZORB cushioning to maximize comfort, support. Its midsole is thicker than normal shoes to enhance durability and arch support. Besides, the N-Ergy cushioning has brought great shock absorption which amazed many customers who are suffering from planter fasciitis. Furthermore, WW759’s upper and lining are made from special materials which are not only durable and comfortable but also able to provide the best protection against harsh environment. It makes these shoes perfect for outdoor activities.

W1340v2 Optimum Control Running Shoe

While WW759 is the top choice for walking, W1340v2 is the best choice of running shoes for planter fasciitis. Every details of W1340v2 are specially designed to ensure the best support for runners as well as durability such as multi-density insert, rubber outsole, motion-control technologies, midfoot support… The most noticeable feature of this model is the top cutting-edge technology called Stabilicore medial support system which could protect your feet in every running step, no matter how long you have run. This W1340v2 model has receive numerous praises from customers who have plantar fasciitis for helping them relieve pain and improve their condition.

WL574 Outside In Pack Classic Running Shoe

WL574 is one of rare running shoes models that could provide both fashionable look as well as high comfort level. Together with sporty and eye-catching look, this model comes with 3 bright colors: blue, purple and yellow which are ideal for fashion-oriented women. Apart from its attractive look, WL574 inherits most of best technologies from New Balance, especially the materials. The EVA foam used to make the midsole has done a great job in cushioning and improving comfort. Outsole is made from rubber to bring better durability.  It’s no doubt that WL574 has become favorite shoes of many women runners.

W720V3 Running Shoe

W720V3 is an affordable option for a good pair of women running shoes which could bring decent comfort and support to your feet. Like other shoes, New Balance always tries to combine many of their technologies to bring the comfort and protection that customers are expecting. No-sew technology together with mesh-synthetic material could help feet to relax and move flexibly inside. IMEVA injection molded material mid-sole not only contributes to amazing comfort level but also keep stability. In case you are not fully satisfied with the insert, you could easily replace it with the one which you prefer. This is an added point that makes W720V3 loved by many women with different taste, foot form, running style.

W1080 V6 Running Shoe

The W1080 V6 is special line for medium arch- runner with strong arch support. As expected from New Balance, the comfort and protection of this model have also satisfied many runners. But the most amazing feature of W1080 V6 is its durability. The Fresh Foam carbon rubber material makes sure that the shoes won’t be damaged regardless of number of miles or level of running.

The list above has provided the best 5 suggestion for running shoes for plantar fasciitis. However, it’s not recommended to rely fully in this list; going to brick-and-mortar store to try on many shoes is always a must.

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