Guidelines To Choose The Best Golf Push Cart

A golfer uses a gold push cart to carry his or her accessories throughout the golf course. It offers a golfer anease and reduces his or her efforts with a heavy golf bag on his or her back. There are two main styles of golf push cart: the four wheel golf push cart and the three wheel golf cart. (The three-wheeled golf cart has a swivel wheel at the front.)

How to Choose the Best Golf Carts

Determine your requirements for a golf cart if you are playing for fun or you are playing as professional golfer, then can decide if you need an ideal push cart to help you carry golf bag and accessories.

best golf bag

There are many types of golf push trolleys are available in retail stores or online shop. Below are some features to consider when you want to buy golf push cart: (more…)

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Benefits of Composite fast pitch softball bats

When choosing fast pitch softball bat, material is one of the most important factor to consider because it will have strong effect on players’ performance. The 2 most popular materials used for fast pitch softball bats are composite and aluminum. Nowadays, composite fastpitch softball bats are the most popular because of its several benefits over aluminum bats.

Better trampoline effect

fastpitch softball bat

Besides being lighter, composite is known as a softer material compared to aluminum. Therefore, when the soft ball hits the barrel, both of them compress, so the amount of energy lost in collision is reduced and better trampoline effect is created. (more…)

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Well Prepared For The Green

From the golf bag for the racquets to the right outfit for the fairway – whoever wants to start playing golf needs the right equipment. What golfers are in a well-stocked golf bag, what golfers wear on the green and which gadgets facilitate the golfing game, we have to learn.

The taster course in the Golfclub has been completed, the fire for golfing has begun, now only the right equipment has to come. But what is actually a complete golf equipment? This question is asked by nearly all new golfers, because in hardly any other sport is the range of possible equipment as individually selectable as for golfing. “A golf kit consisting of golf balls, gloves, golf shoes, golf clothes and a golf bag with two woods, a set of irons (usually 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9), a sanding and pitching wedge and a putter” , Explains Isabell Schittek from the specialist magazine Golftime. A total of 14 racquets are allowed by golfers, according to official rules on the course, with beginners the “golf career” can start with much fewer bats. “For beginners, half a set is enough for the beginning,” Isabell Schittek reassured. “However, the putter is indispensable, while you can exchange all the other clubs.”

best golf bag

Golf clubs: iron, wood and putter

There are basically three different types of clubs available to all golfers: the wood, the iron, including the pitching and sand wedge, and the putter. They all have different characteristics and differ in the length of the shaft, the material composition and the design of the bat head. While wood is best suited for tee-offs with a “small” width, for example on a short course, the wood 1, also known as the driver, provides for long runs. The iron is intended for the medium-sized game on the fairway (short lawn), while the wedges offer to play the ball out of the bunker or higher grass to approach the green. The putter is then used when the ball is inserted into the green. “With increasing learning progress, players should go to the best beginner golf clubs fitting where iron, driver & co. Are adjusted to their own body size and individual swing,” advises Isabell Schittek.

Golf bag: Pencil, stand or tour bag?

In order to be able to safely transport your own racket collection on the fairway, different types of golf bags are available. Players who have no desire to carry their golf bag and are not traveling with a golf cart should use a stand or tour bag, as this can be placed on a trolley that can be pulled comfortably across the pitch. “A compact pencil bag is suitable for those who want to practice in the baggage on the driving range after just a few bats,” says Isabell Schittek. A good golf bag usually consists of leather, nylon or canvas, is water-repellent and ideally still has built-in legs as well as a golf umbrella and towel holder for cleaning the racquets. By the way: leather golf bags should be impregnated before it goes outside.

Golf clothing: No blue jeans in the clubhouse!

In addition to the right golf bag with a matching set of racquets, the correct clothing on the fairway also plays an important role. The etiquette of golfing is strict and prescribes clear rule. Golf shoes with spikes on the soles, such as those from Adidas, which provide a firmer stand and protect the sensitive lawn, are just as important as wearing a short or long golfer’s trousers. The ladies’ world can also be knocked down in a golfing skirt. Cap, glove and a poloshirt with collar round off the outfit on the green. On colder days it is advisable to wear a vest or a breathable wind jacket. “In most clubs, no blue jeans can be worn,” explains Isabell Schittek. “The ladies should also note that the shoulders are always covered.” tip: Even if beginners at the beginning of their golfing career first work on their swing and the rules should learn, small technical aids such as a distance meter, which determines the distance from the ball to the hole, or a special GPS device for golfing Improve your own game considerably.

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Golf Bag Styles And Uses

A golf bag on a trolley, a golf bag with carrying straps, a travel cover for the golf equipment – for a beginner, the many golf bag variations may be confusing. The established player and the passionate golfer know exactly which golf bag they need in order to have their equipment well sorted. He or she is concerned about the details, perhaps a waterproof golf bag, an organizer system or a golf bag with a separate putter tube? Ladies especially appreciate a golf bag with many useful compartments, which is light and looks good. Golf bags offer a variety of golf bags from different manufacturers such as Bennington, Big Max and Mizuno, mainly stand bags and cart bags with matching travel covers. Which golf bag matches which type of player and what models and brands differ, we try to illuminate in the following. You will notice that a general recommendation for the best golf travel bag is impossible. Take advantage of below selection to filter your requirement according to your criteria. So you can quickly find the golf bag that suits your needs.

Golf bag types at a glance

best golf bag

In short, golf bags differ in size, weight and style as they are moved across the court. The golf bag can be mounted on the back of the golfer, on a sliding or pulling trolley or – in professional sports – carried by a caddy across the square. (more…)

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Best New Balance women shoes for plantar fasciitis

It indeed takes a lot of time and effort to select a good pair of running shoes for plantar fasciitis. There are too many choices and too many influential factors to make decision quickly, especially for women who are always have high demand. Looking at the list of top women running shoes for plantar fasciitis from New Balance– the best sport footwear maker might not give you the best answer but definitely help to save time.


WW759 Country Walking Shoe

As its name implies, WW759 is a perfect shoes for walking, especially hiking. The most important feature of shoes for plantar fasciitis is obviously comfort and this WW759 really doesn’t lack in comfort level. (more…)

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Garmin S6 And S4 Golf GPS Watch

Connoisseurs and golf enthusiasts claim to be the most beautiful way to play golf when you have a Garmin GPS golf watch.So it is not surprising that this statement belongs to the company philosophy of the company.

The latest generation of the Garmin GPS golf watch, which belongs to the Approach family, surprises with a modern and contemporary design.The Garmin GPS Golf watch is the perfect companion for all your golfing needs.

A high-resolution touch screen made of glass, which can withstand even hard shocks, lets you access the most important data quickly. For example, the new Garmin GPS Golf watch (model: Approach S3) has already 27,000 pre-installed golf courses worldwide.

Garmin Approach S2

The pulsating golfer

Since golf occasionally requires the use of the whole body, the Garmin Golf watch is scratch-resistant and, of course, waterproof.

A highlight is the easy operation of the watch, even if you should wear gloves. Thanks to the extensive features that you can easily retrieve, you have the opportunity to improve your handicap in other places and to accelerate the game comfortably.

Finally, the Garmin Golf watch offers a model that allows beginners as well as experienced professionals to concentrate more directly on the game, while the rest of your watch is taken over. (more…)

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How To Find My Size For Softball Catcher Gear

A catcher is the most vulnerable player on a baseball team – basically targeting baseballs moving quickly, adjacent to a swaying bat and vulnerable to house-plate collisions. A catcher needs protective softball catcher gear and it is important that it adapts properly. Poor softball catcher gear can cause discomfort, restriction of travel and compromised protection. The softball catcher gear sizing can be done by taking a few quick body measurements and selecting the appropriate equipment in a baseball or sporting goods store.

best softball catchers gear


  • Choose the catcher glove. Place your hand inside the glove and slightly fan your fingers, making sure they can move slightly. A good glove allows a margin of manoeuver for the fingers, but still has a good fit. Catcher mittens are measured by circumference in half-inch increments. Size 30 to 31 suitable for most young players; Adults generally register up to a size of 34.5. Keep in mind that new mittens can be difficult to handle until broken in.
  • Measure the circumference of your head using a tape measuring tape. Place the ribbon around the forehead, just above the ears and around the occipital bone – the slight bump on the back of the head. Note the measurement in inches and cross reference with a heading sizing table. For example: head circumference of 21.5 to 22 inches is considered a helmet of size 6-7 / 8 or 7, otherwise referred to as a support. Note that masks can be regulated by your league or school. Some require guard helmets style with an integrated mask to protect the entire head. Others allow slip-on masks on the helmet. If so, try on the mask and make sure you have a complete field of view, and that the mask covers your entire face while integrating perfectly on the helmet. Helmets are often paired with a mask at baseball outfitters or sports shops.
  • Measure your torso from the upper part of the sternum to your navel. Note the measurement in inches to select a tight fitting breastplate. For young catchers, the measurement may be slightly longer because some youth leagues require a chest-guard tail. Select the chest protector with matching torso length measures as indicated on the description of the size of the softball catcher gear.
  • Measure your tibia from the center of the patella to the bottom of the tibia, just above the ankle, to determine the length of the knee pads and shins. Select the shin guards with the corresponding measurements as shown in the softball catcher gear size description.

Tips and Warnings

You may need to try several gloves before you find the right person. Many models are available from many manufacturers and everything will feel a little different. Keep in mind that the mitten will be difficult to manoeuver with your fingers at first. Make sure that all material is properly adjusted – not too tight or too loose. Softball catcher gear should not contract the movement of the body, nor slide around with minimal body movement. The catcher gear must be tight but comfortable. The mobile softball catcher gear will not protect as well as properly mounting gear.

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Golf And The Use Of A Laser Golf Rangefinder

Golf is a sport increasingly known fact that many new followers every year. In addition to landscapes of great beauty that are the hallmarks of the 18-hole course, the fun of the game is unique.

golf swing

The practice of this sport requires great skill and skill, but know to make a good swing is learned. It is also necessary to have a good view to judge the distance still to go to the green. It is especially important to know dose the strikes to avoid obstacles. To not have to suffer from a stray bullet, be aware that some tips are at your fingertips and easy to implement.

Among the techniques that improve your swing, golf laser rangefinder is even allowed in competition. Golf laser rangefinders care best known for use on construction sites proposes indeed with specially dedicated golfers models. It is a valuable utility in determining distances and is enjoying great precision, so that even the novice golfer can choose the right club and adjust its strike force, depending on the distance to go to ball up the flag.

Indeed, among the many parameters that adjust the swing, distance, angle and orientation of the strike are the essential factors that allow you to send the golf ball where you want.

The utility of the laser golf rangefinder

golf rangefinder reviews

The laser golf rangefinder provides precise measurements of the distance that separates the ball from a hole. To do this, targeting is done in practice on the flag. This high-precision measuring tool also determines the distance of an obstacle.

Of course, some can evaluate distances by eye, but precision is wise, especially in this sport of prestige. It is to be known that the main difficulty of the golfers is characterized by the determination of the striking force necessary to give to a ball. If the striking force is insufficient, the ball will be too short to jump over an obstacle. It may also be too long and fall into an arm of water.

In the practice of golf, it is especially essential to avoid the bunker. The laser golf rangefinder allows you to easily and accurately measure the distance the ball must travel. Without it, it is risky to rely solely on sight. Indeed, field architects and landscape designers design golf courses in such a way that the human eye can be confronted with optical effects.

Among other things, the lines can be distorted by the differences in level and the colour schemes. Simple vision can shorten or lengthen distances. This can lead to a margin of error of 5 to 15%, ie shifts of 5 to 10 meters for a flag located at 70 meters.

Although there are markings on the course, they are based on the distance from the green entrance. Thus, the stakes, which indicate, for example, 135 m, show the distance of said stake from the green entrance. Then, to accurately determine the distance between the green entrance and a flag, the use of a laser golf rangefinder is the solution.

During the game, it is also rare for the distance displays to be present on the fairway. It will therefore also be necessary to make measurements, especially as the clubs do not always offer a map that indicates the position of the flags.

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