How to travel to Vietnam in 5 days

Vietnam is a culturally rich country with a diverse landscape. It may be impossible to visit the entire country in 5 days. You can instead focus on a specific region in order to get a fully comprehensive experience in such a short period. Visiting the Northern part of Vietnam comprises of a complete blend of experiences from exquisite cuisine of Vietnam to viewing historic sites and landscapes to indulging in some adventure. Option to choose a package tour is reasonable if you are not fluent in this country.

Halong Bay

You can also take a Halong Bay tour. You have the option to take the one-day trip or the two-day trip. The one-day trip is a shorter version of the more popular 2-day trip with the highpoint being the Heaven Palace Cave. The more detailed 2-day trip allows you to kayak, swim and visit the spectacular sights such as the Limestone Karsts, Surprise Caves and Titop Island. This cruise provides you with breakfast lunch and dinner as well as fun activities such as movies, games and massages. (more…)

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