Connoisseurs and golf enthusiasts claim to be the most beautiful way to play golf when you have a Garmin GPS golf watch.So it is not surprising that this statement belongs to the company philosophy of the company.

The latest generation of the Garmin GPS golf watch, which belongs to the Approach family, surprises with a modern and contemporary design.The Garmin GPS Golf watch is the perfect companion for all your golfing needs.

A high-resolution touch screen made of glass, which can withstand even hard shocks, lets you access the most important data quickly. For example, the new Garmin GPS Golf watch (model: Approach S3) has already 27,000 pre-installed golf courses worldwide.

Garmin Approach S2

The pulsating golfer

Since golf occasionally requires the use of the whole body, the Garmin Golf watch is scratch-resistant and, of course, waterproof.

A highlight is the easy operation of the watch, even if you should wear gloves. Thanks to the extensive features that you can easily retrieve, you have the opportunity to improve your handicap in other places and to accelerate the game comfortably.

Finally, the Garmin Golf watch offers a model that allows beginners as well as experienced professionals to concentrate more directly on the game, while the rest of your watch is taken over.

Full potential

The concept of this golf watch is therefore also: exploit the full potential. As data and golf courses can change over time, regular updates to existing information are possible free of charge. With the Garmin GPS Golf watch, you can access all golf courses around the world. A digital scorecard and an automatic position recognition allow you to be immediately at home on any golf course on earth. In addition to the numerous functions, the Garmin Golf watch also makes a very good and elegant impression. The new model, the Approach S3 is also excellent for the time after. A highlight of the GPS Garmin Golf watch is also the representation of the green outlines. The flag positions can be changed manually. The distances to the doglegs and the most important distance markers can also be displayed. This allows you to watch the golf watch at any stage of your game. Beat by blow you have the opportunity to improve the game. Some advantages of the GPS Garmin Golf watch

Fast golf game

With a Garmin Golf watch you can speed up your game. The computer in the golf watch automatically shows you the distance to the beginning, end, and center of the green. You will also find the exact distances to the most important distance markers and doglegs.

Score tracking


With the Garmin Golf watch, counting the tee-offs is finally a child’s play. You can easily calculate the scoring. If desired, the results are available either as Stable-ford points or as a score. If necessary, you can also transfer the data to a computer, store or print it there.

Modern touch screen

The Garmin GPS Golf watch is what your users are missing on tablets. A stable touch screen, which is easy to operate with gloves. Thanks to a very good background lighting, it adapts to different light conditions. It is also important to have a long recharge time. And that’s exactly what the Garmin brings. The golf watch is handy and easy to carry on the wrist (72 grams). However, the display is so read-friendly that you can read all data without great effort. In GPS mode, the battery will last between 6 – 9 hours. Without GPS even up to 4 weeks. It can be loaded with a small clamp. In a short time the Garmin Golf watch is available for the next use. The new Garmin model. Since some months, prospective buyers can buy the new Garmin GPS Golf watch. The Approach S3, available in white as well as black. Anyone who looks at the price will be surprised. So much power for so little money. This is a real challenge. Garmin is not only known for its golf watches, but also for a long time market leader in the area of mobile navigation solutions. 9000 employees worldwide ensure a consistent quality standard and always new technical innovations. More than 1,000 engineers are responsible for this alone. Garmin is today one of the most experienced manufacturers in the field of GPS technology. A fact that buyers will notice immediately at the Garmin GPS Golf watch. So go to the next golf tournament with your new watch.

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