A golf bag on a trolley, a golf bag with carrying straps, a travel cover for the golf equipment – for a beginner, the many golf bag variations may be confusing. The established player and the passionate golfer know exactly which golf bag they need in order to have their equipment well sorted. He or she is concerned about the details, perhaps a waterproof golf bag, an organizer system or a golf bag with a separate putter tube? Ladies especially appreciate a golf bag with many useful compartments, which is light and looks good. Golf bags offer a variety of golf bags from different manufacturers such as Bennington, Big Max and Mizuno, mainly stand bags and cart bags with matching travel covers. Which golf bag matches which type of player and what models and brands differ, we try to illuminate in the following. You will notice that a general recommendation for the best golf travel bag is impossible. Take advantage of below selection to filter your requirement according to your criteria. So you can quickly find the golf bag that suits your needs.

Golf bag types at a glance

best golf bag

In short, golf bags differ in size, weight and style as they are moved across the court. The golf bag can be mounted on the back of the golfer, on a sliding or pulling trolley or – in professional sports – carried by a caddy across the square.

For tournaments and Sundays: the very big and very small

Of course, the biggest golf bags are used by professional golfers. They are called Staff bags, because they are prominently branded with manufacturer logos and the player belongs, so to speak, to the “Staff” of the company. Staff or Tour bags are spacious golf bags for the transport of an extensive set of racquets, various tools and utensils. Size and weight are no longer important because the Caddy takes care of transporting the golf bag to and on the pitch.

In contrast to the professional, the Sunday player can handle a pencil bag, the smallest available golf bag. The very narrow golf bag can accommodate up to six golf clubs. This may be enough for a 9-hole round in a couple of free hours, which is why this small golf bag is called Sunday bag. For the ambitious golf game, the Pencil bag is only recommended as a second bag.

Cart bags

If you want to carry a large selection of bats and you like it comfortably, the best way is to have a spacious, medium sized cart bag. This is mounted on a suitable golf trolley and pulled over the place. To ensure that the golf bag does not slip from the trolley, the racquets and luggage bags are arranged symmetrically. It is advantageous if a separate putter tube belongs to the equipment. In this compartment, the most commonly used racket rests outside the actual top for racket storage. Golf bags with such a putter tube offer more comfort because the putter is well protected and easy to reach.

Do you belong to the golfers who defy any weather and are on the pitch on cold and wet winter days? Then a waterproof carry or stand bag can be useful as an additional golf bag. In winter and on rainy days the lawn is soft on the golf course and can be damaged by the trolley wheels. If your golf club forbids the use of carts in this case, you will be able to access your portable golf bag. More on the category page.

Stand bag, the golf backpack with legs


Stand bags are also referred to as carry bags, because they are carried with their carrying straps on their backs across the square. Sporty golfers appreciate the flexibility in the movement offered by a carry bag. Beginners or young golfers like to grab this type of golf bag, because it is generally cheaper than a cart bag model, which also requires the purchase of a golf cart.

Most portable golf bag models have a flat bottom and supports to put down. On the one hand, this design prevents the Golf bags from falling over and protects the set from dirt and scratches. On the other hand, the equipment can be conveniently removed from the golf bag by standing upright.

In contrast to cart bags, stand bags are more frequently handled, lifted and generally moved. That is why manufacturers at the Stand bag like to use a combination of robust and light materials. Innovative, waterproof fabrics are currently in the trend: they protect against dirt and moisture at the highest possible weight. More on the category page.

Travel cover: Protection from moisture and damage, indispensable on air travel

A rain hood not only protects you from the elements, but also prevents the racquets from falling out when you arrive and leave. If you want to take your golf bag with you in the plane, you need a robust, securely sealed travel cover. Its abrasion-resistant material protects the golf bag and offers space for additional golf equipment such as golf shoes or accessories. Fastening straps and padding inside protect your equipment, especially the sensitive racket heads benefit from an optimal fixation. Lifting handles and light-rolling inline wheels ensure a pleasant transport on the journey.

Please note when buying a travel company and packing: Many airlines require extra charges if you do not keep the weight limit of your golf bag exactly. A light travel cover can help keep the air ticket low. Read more in the article “Air travel with your own golf equipment”.

Features at a glance

  • Multiple Divider: 5- to 14-way Divider are possible compartments in golf bags. This allows you to sort your racquets by size or frequency of use.
  • Organizer systems or full-length dividers to prevent clashing and scratching of the racquets. Full-length dividers separate the golf clubs over the entire length, organizer systems fix each racket head in its own compartment.
  • Easily accessible compartments for teas, balls, etc.
  • Softly lined inside pockets for mobile phone, glasses, distance meter or sensitive items
  • Outdoor bags for rainwear, umbrella
  • Velcro strap for gloves and accessories
  • Beverage holders and integrated cooling bags, which keep drinks and snacks cold in the summer months.
  • Carrying or lifting straps to move the golf bag across the golf course

Entry model or premium bag? Choose your bag according to the important combinations and functions for you. You will find only Cart bags, Stand bags and Travel cover from selected manufacturers, which are characterized by excellent quality in processing, longevity and comfort. Most manufacturers also offer waterproof models.

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