A golfer uses a gold push cart to carry his or her accessories throughout the golf course. It offers a golfer anease and reduces his or her efforts with a heavy golf bag on his or her back. There are two main styles of golf push cart: the four wheel golf push cart and the three wheel golf cart. (The three-wheeled golf cart has a swivel wheel at the front.)

How to Choose the Best Golf Carts

Determine your requirements for a golf cart if you are playing for fun or you are playing as professional golfer, then can decide if you need an ideal push cart to help you carry golf bag and accessories.

best golf bag

There are many types of golf push trolleys are available in retail stores or online shop. Below are some features to consider when you want to buy golf push cart:

Aluminum frame: The golf cart must be well constructed and designed for easy rolling. You should consider a scratch-resistant, lightweight anddurable frame. Aluminum is the best choice for the structural material. It is both free of corrosion and rust.

Weight: Adesign with light weigh to be simple to repel the hills. The good weight for a push cart must not exceed 15 pounds. This weight range is also good for women and the elder people to use a golf push cart too.

Braking system: A breaking system take an essential role in the golf cart. The brakes must be mounted above or below the handle. This will make it easier to control the cart while rolling it on the hill and it also ensure that you will not have a bag leaking on your hands.

Extras: The popular features included in the carts composed of a three-ball clip,Accessory mount, Cup holder, a towel rack, holdingstand and umbrella clip. You need a cart able to store bottles and even large cups in adjustable cupholderseasily. If you usually play under the hot sun or in weather conditions that hard to predict, an umbrella stand is essential.

– Compact design: A golf cart should be designed to beeasily folded into a small compact size so that the users can easily carry it in the trunk of a car’s storage. A full pouch should go up high with the head of clubs well away from their handle. The bag should be seated in a convenient vertical position allowing easy access to all of your clubs.

Handle Quality: The handle quality of the golf cart should beadjustable and durable, it should be approximately 45 degrees so that the cart can be used by people of different heights.

Tires and Wheels: Since golf courses get a wide range of different terrain, tires must be wide and strong so they can easily ride on flat, more rugged areas. If a cart hastoo small wheels, it will be difficult to push thatcart. Large tires can be either EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) or solid foam. Maintenance-free and air-free wheels that offer exceptional balance and traction will make an ideal golf push cart.

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