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When you prepare your baby’s nursery, you need to buy a crib and mattress. While this purchase may seem simple, there are several tips you should remember when you start shopping.

Types of Crib Mattresses

best crib mattress

When you begin your search for the best infant mattress, you will discover that there are several options, and you will need to take account of the different characteristics, just as if you are shopping for a mattress for your bed. There are two main types of mattresses for a crib: innerspring and foam.

Innerspring mattress

Aninnerspring mattress are typically more expensive than a foam mattress. But they can also contain up to long. The number of coils in the mattress you choose will have a significant impact on the way it is done mattress. It is best to buy a mattress that has at least 150 coils, and mattress covers should be thick.

Foam mattress

Foam mattresses have inner springs or coils. Their compactness depends on the density of the foam. This means that you should look for a mattress that is firm and solid. This does not necessarily mean more frequent, however. Foam mattresses with lower density will not hold its shape all the time, and you may need to replace a mattress before the child has passed his bed. Today, many foam mattresses are well built as spring mattresses, however, and many parents prefer them because they are much lighter, making them much easier to manoeuver. Remember, pay attention to the density of a mattress, this is the type of crib mattress you want to buy.

Mattress protector

You can actually buy crib mattresses which have a vinyl, waterproof cover. These are large, like diapers will not leak forever. If your child is still using his crib when you start potty training, you will be happy to cover the crib mattress with waterproof.

Importance of fit

How important is the size of your baby’s crib mattress? This is a very important question! The mattress should fit tightly in the bed. The standard measure of a child’s bed base 51 5/8 “x 27 1/4”. Use two fingers to control when you install the mattress of the crib. If you feel a gap of more than two fingers between the mattress and the crib frame, not the mattress does not fit properly.

Recommendations and precautions


When searching for the best crib mattress for your child, you want to keep these points in mind.

Refractory -E “very important that the mattress you choose should be fire-resistant materials. This should be standard issue, but if you use a used mattress, this may not be the case.

Firmness -Keep in mind that the best crib mattress must be very solid. Soft bedding increases the risk of SIDS. This is why it is better to buy a new mattress instead borrow or buy a used one.

Tight fit -Not only mattress should be firm, but also must fit tightly, so there is no chance that your child gets stuck between the mattress and the bed frame.

Ventilation – You should choose a mattress that has a lot of slits in the sides to allow for better ventilation. These openings do not trap odours, holding a mattress smelling fresh longer.

Mattress Brands

There are many brands available mattress popular, and many people act according to the brands. However, remember that brands are not as important as the structure and production of the mattress itself. Look for the following functions:

– Foam density

– Coils numbering 150 or more in the inner springs

– Fit is a standard-sized cot

– Foam or spring mattress is very firm

– Waterproof coating

– Popular brands include:

+ Colgate

+ Da Vinci

+ Jupiter

+ Angel Line

+ Moonlight Slumber

+ Kolcraft

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