From the golf bag for the racquets to the right outfit for the fairway – whoever wants to start playing golf needs the right equipment. What golfers are in a well-stocked golf bag, what golfers wear on the green and which gadgets facilitate the golfing game, we have to learn.

The taster course in the Golfclub has been completed, the fire for golfing has begun, now only the right equipment has to come. But what is actually a complete golf equipment? This question is asked by nearly all new golfers, because in hardly any other sport is the range of possible equipment as individually selectable as for golfing. “A golf kit consisting of golf balls, gloves, golf shoes, golf clothes and a golf bag with two woods, a set of irons (usually 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9), a sanding and pitching wedge and a putter” , Explains Isabell Schittek from the specialist magazine Golftime. A total of 14 racquets are allowed by golfers, according to official rules on the course, with beginners the “golf career” can start with much fewer bats. “For beginners, half a set is enough for the beginning,” Isabell Schittek reassured. “However, the putter is indispensable, while you can exchange all the other clubs.”

best golf bag

Golf clubs: iron, wood and putter

There are basically three different types of clubs available to all golfers: the wood, the iron, including the pitching and sand wedge, and the putter. They all have different characteristics and differ in the length of the shaft, the material composition and the design of the bat head. While wood is best suited for tee-offs with a “small” width, for example on a short course, the wood 1, also known as the driver, provides for long runs. The iron is intended for the medium-sized game on the fairway (short lawn), while the wedges offer to play the ball out of the bunker or higher grass to approach the green. The putter is then used when the ball is inserted into the green. “With increasing learning progress, players should go to the best beginner golf clubs fitting where iron, driver & co. Are adjusted to their own body size and individual swing,” advises Isabell Schittek.

Golf bag: Pencil, stand or tour bag?

In order to be able to safely transport your own racket collection on the fairway, different types of golf bags are available. Players who have no desire to carry their golf bag and are not traveling with a golf cart should use a stand or tour bag, as this can be placed on a trolley that can be pulled comfortably across the pitch. “A compact pencil bag is suitable for those who want to practice in the baggage on the driving range after just a few bats,” says Isabell Schittek. A good golf bag usually consists of leather, nylon or canvas, is water-repellent and ideally still has built-in legs as well as a golf umbrella and towel holder for cleaning the racquets. By the way: leather golf bags should be impregnated before it goes outside.

Golf clothing: No blue jeans in the clubhouse!

In addition to the right golf bag with a matching set of racquets, the correct clothing on the fairway also plays an important role. The etiquette of golfing is strict and prescribes clear rule. Golf shoes with spikes on the soles, such as those from Adidas, which provide a firmer stand and protect the sensitive lawn, are just as important as wearing a short or long golfer’s trousers. The ladies’ world can also be knocked down in a golfing skirt. Cap, glove and a poloshirt with collar round off the outfit on the green. On colder days it is advisable to wear a vest or a breathable wind jacket. “In most clubs, no blue jeans can be worn,” explains Isabell Schittek. “The ladies should also note that the shoulders are always covered.” tip: Even if beginners at the beginning of their golfing career first work on their swing and the rules should learn, small technical aids such as a distance meter, which determines the distance from the ball to the hole, or a special GPS device for golfing Improve your own game considerably.

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